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Border Health Research Initiative

Register for the 2015 Border Health Research Forum

The U.S.-México Border Health Commission’s Border Health Research (BHR) Work Group is pleased to announce that it will convene the Binational BHR Forum on October 21, 2015, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. The overall objective of the BHR Work Group is to develop a comprehensive binational research agenda that can inform border public health research and guide policies in both the United States and México.

The 2015 BHR Forum will convene public health experts, researchers, and representatives from U.S. and México federal agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to discuss binational border health priorities as established by the BHC’s Healthy Border 2020 Initiative. The forum will include a binational plenary session and three thematic panels: 1) Chronic and degenerative diseases; maternal-child care; 2) Mental health, addictions, accidents and injuries; and 3) Strengthening research capacity: developing human resources and the border health virtual library. A poster session is also being planned for participants to share their research.

To register for this forum, please click on one of the following links:


For additional information, contact Lori Navarrete at (915) 532-1006 ext. 107 or lorraine.navarrete@hhs.gov.



The BHC recognizes an acute need exists for a comprehensive border health research agenda that can promote effective, evidence-based interventions to improve quality of life and health for people living in the border region.

In an effort to address this need, as well as emphasize the importance of fostering stronger academic alliances among border institutions, the BHC continues to organize fora that facilitate collaboration among U.S. and México health experts to improve overall research and data collection efforts that can inform policy development.


Border Health Research Events and Timeline


—2011: Third forum held in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
    Addressed institutional review boards, the development of a border health research journal, and the Healthy Border 2010/2020 initiative among other key issues.
—2009: Second forum held in San Diego, California.
    Included a call for papers. Six were selected based on their application to border health and their ability to address issues referenced in Healthy Border 2010, identify gaps in research, and     encourage binational collaboration in health promotion, disease prevention, and development of public policy.
—2006: First forum held in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
    Incorporated four areas of research: types, applications, implications, and funding. Next steps included a proposal for the BHC to serve as the leadership framework for developing the border health     research agenda, sponsor a research forum every two years, and establish a Binational Border Health Research Advisory Council (Expert Panel).


Work Group
—2012: Objectives were to update activity plans and begin formulating next steps in support of developing a comprehensive borderwide research agenda.
—2009: Discussion topics included institutional review boards (IRBs), binational RFA’s, and the draft health disparities paper, in addition to updates on the border health journal, child and adolescent     forum, and the Centers of Excellence alignment. Next steps included forming a sub-committee to address IRB issues and recommendations.
—2008: Occurred during BHC annual meeting in McAllen, Texas. Discussion topics included new initiatives with CDC (maternal and child health) and NIOSH as well as updates on the background in     border research paper and border health status report.
—2007: Expert Panel is established and meets for first time. Discussion focused on the who, how, and why of developing a research agenda. The expert panel's primary recommendation was for the BHC     explore the possibility of establishing a border health research journal.
—2006: Work Group is established and meets throughout the year to plan and develop the first BHR forum and promote Healthy Border 2010.



Proceedings Report: Second Binational BHR Work Group & Expert Panel Meeting
Reporte de Procedimientos: Reunión Binacional del Grupo de Trabajo de Investigación de Salud Fronteriza y el Panel de Expertos
Report: Institutional Review Boards in the U.S.-México Border
Reporte: Comités de Ética en Investigación en la Frontera México-Estados Unidos
Report: Healthy Border 2010/2020 Strategic Framework
Reporte: Plan Estratégico Frontera Saludable 2010/2020
White Paper: Health Research on the U.S.-México Border
White Paper: Health Disparities and the U.S.-México Border
Reporte: Frontera Saludable 2010-Reporte de Medio Plazo-Frontera Norte de México
Report: Health Status in the U.S.-México Border Region

Report: Border Health Research Background Paper
Proceedings Report: U.S.-México Border Child and Adolescent Health Forum
Proceedings Report: Binational BHR Work Group & Expert Panel Meeting
Reporte de Procedimientos: Reunión Binacional del Grupo de Trabajo de Investigación de Salud Fronteriza y el Panel de Expertos
Midterm Review: Healthy Border 2010

Proceedings Report: Binational Border Health Research Forum
Reporte de Procedimientos: Foro Binacional sobre Investigación de Salud en la Frontera México-Estados Unidos

Report: Healthy Border 2010
Reporte: Frontera Saludable 2010