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The United States-México Border Health Commission (BHC) convened the U.S.-México Border Binational Infectious Disease Conference on June 10–12, 2014, in El Paso, Texas. The Conference brought together federal, state, and local partners from both sides of the U.S.-México border to address critical infectious disease issues impacting the region and discuss potential solutions to address those challenges. The Conference was organized and hosted by the Texas Department of State Health Services' Office of Border Health, in partnership with the BHC.


To improve binational preparedness, surveillance, and epidemiology along the U.S.-México border, the Conference will provide public health experts and border health stakeholders the opportunity to address specific areas of concern, including approaches to enhancing cross-border and global partnerships, global health security, and international communication on public health events of binational or international interest.

By encouraging local, state, and federal participation, the Conference directly supports the U.S. National Health Security Strategy objective that promotes the close collaboration between cross-border and global partners to enhance national, continental, and global health security.



Specific conference objectives include the following:

  • Enhance cross-border sharing of epidemiologic information
  • Improve protocols for binational communication and immediate notification of public health events of binational and/or international concern
  • Improve electronic information sharing and data exchange
  • Establish and enhance regional surveillance networks
  • Encourage binational training and exercises for surveillance, epidemiology, and preparedness
  • Assess the impact of migration on U.S. and México health systems
  • Review lessons learned for the benefit of border and non-border states 
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Kathie Martinez
Project Administrator
Texas Outreach Office
Texas Department of
State Health Services


  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV and sexually transmitted infections
  • Vectorborne diseases and arboviruses
  • Acute respiratory diseases
  • Parasitic and fungal diseases
  • Foodborne diseases
  • Public health policies including the International Health Regulations
  • Effective methods for outreach, including innovative techniques, i.e., film documentaries and social media
  • Migrant health
  • Binational outbreak investigations
  • Crossing items for public health purposes
  • Disease detection and control in detention centers