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As childhood obesity rates continue to rise throughout the United States and México, the BHC and its federal, state, and local binational health partners continue to support education and health-related agencies through community outreach opportunities that promote healthy weight in youth throughout the border region. BHC activities in support of obesity prevention include Border Binational Health Week events, the implementation of a borderwide multi-media campaign, and the publication of white paper on childhood obesity.


U.S.-México Border Obesity Prevention Summit

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To further promote obesity prevention and treatment, the BHC established a border binational effort to assess factors contributing to high obesity rates and to identify obesity prevention and treatment strategies. As part of this effort, the BHC is sponsoring the U.S.-México Border Obesity Prevention (BOP) Summit July 16-18 in McAllen, Texas. Hosted by the Texas Department of State Health Services Office of Border Health, in collaboration with the Chihuahua Regional Office, the BOP Summit will gather federal, state, and local partners from both sides of the U.S.-México border to develop a border binational obesity prevention strategy.


The BOP Summit will address the following objectives:

  • Identify data/information gaps in obesity rates along the border.
  • Promote partnerships to build and evaluate a binational body of obesity prevention knowledge.
  • Foster progress to modify fiscal, environmental, and educational policies/practices to promote healthy lifestyle choices as the easiest choice.
  • Establish a technical work group to develop an action plan, including a borderwide obesity prevention education campaign.

The BOP Summit presentations will be aligned with the following tracks:

  • Prenatal, Early Life, & Schools
  • Nutrition & Food Systems
  • An Environment for Physical Activity
  • Public Health Preventive Services & Medical Care
  • Health Policy
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Kathie Martinez
Project Administrator, Texas Outreach Office
Office of Border Health
Texas Department of State Health Services
Phone: (512) 458-7675
Email: kathie.martinez@dshs.state.tx.us



Dra. Elisa Aguilar
Coordinadora, Oficina de Alcance de Chihuahua
Comisión de Salud Fronteriza México-Estados Unidos, Sección México
Tel.: (01-656) 639-0864
Email: eaguilar@saludfronteriza.org.mx