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Border Reproductive Health Initiative



The United States-México Border Health Commission (BHC) held the first U.S.-México Border Reproductive Health Summit on March 19, 2014, in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the Symposium on Gender Equity and Global Reproductive Health, an annual event hosted by the University of California, San Diego. The BHC California Outreach Office of the California Department of Public Health, Office of Binational Border Health, in partnership with the BHC Coahuila Outreach Office, hosted this event, bringing together federal, state, local government, and non-governmental organizations from the United States and México.

The purpose of this summit was to capitalize on the current interest in reproductive health, family planning, and gender equity to elevate the border region within the collective global reproductive health discourse.  

Key Objectives Included the Following:

  • Convene researchers, practitioners, and policy leaders who work in the intersecting areas of gender equity and reproductive health and family planning.
  • Advance evidence-based reproductive health practice and policies that support the safety and choices of women and girls, globally.
  • Clearly document mutual problems and seek the best solutions to address those problems via the development of short- and long-term plans toward increasing capacity-building and information-sharing between states and countries.
To Learn More
To learn more about the U.S.-México Border Reproductive Health Summit, click here. 
For More Information
In the United States, contact:
April Fernandez
Chief, Office of Binational Border Health
California Department of Public Health 
(619) 688-0159
In México, contact:
Dr. Adalberto Peña de los Santos
Coahuila State Coordinator
BHC Coahuila Outreach Office
(01152-878) 784-0125  

Next Steps 

To establish a technical work group composed of key border stakeholders to develop a border strategy that addresses reproductive health inequities and related issues impacting the U.S.-México border region with the larger goal of increasing the visibility of the U.S.-México border region within the global reproductive health discourse. 


The Purpose of the Border Reproductive Work Group

To develop a strategic plan as part of one of the objectives of the 2014 Border Reproductive Health Summit. Toward this end, the work group will provide the BHC guidance in the implementation of a Border Reproductive Health Strategic Plan that will serve to increase capacity-building and information sharing between the border states in the U.S.-México region


Border Reproductive Work Group

Baja California

  • Dr. Gudelia Rangel, Secretaria Ejecutiva, Sección México, Comisión de Salud Fronteriza México-Estados Unidos (CSF)
  • Dr. Rogelio Zapata, Coordinador de la Oficina de Alcance en Baja California, CSF
  • Dra. Hilda González Cerda, Jefa de Equidad de Género de Salud Reproductiva
  • Dra. Iliana Castañeda Hernández, Responsable del Programa de Salud Reproductiva Jurisdicción Tijuana


  • Márín Ochoa Zavala, Coordinador de Vinculación Sectorial del Estado de Sonora


  • Dra. Irma Leticia Ruiz González, Subdirectora del Programa de Salud Reproductiva de los Servicios de Salud de Chihuahua
  • Dra. Lizeth Gutiérrez Perea, Coordinadora del Programa de Salud Reproductiva de Ciudad Juárez


  • Dr. Adalberto Peña de los Santos, Coordinador de la Oficina de Alcance en Coahuila, CSF, Jefe de Jurisdicción Sanitaria No. 1, Secretaria de Salud Coahuila
  • Dra. Minerva Stella Lizzie Contreras Moreno, Coordinadora del Departamento de Equidad de Género y Salud Sexual y Reproductiva
  • Dra. Christian Ariadna Ristori Milla, Servicios de Salud de Coahuila

Nuevo León

  • Dra. Patricia Pérez Reyes, Jefa del Departamento de Equidad de Género y Salud Reproductiva del Estado de Nuevo León


  • Dra. Sergia Juárez Delgado, Jefa de Salud Reproductiva del Estado, Secretaría de Salud de Tamaulipas 


  • April Fernandez, M.A.S., Chief, California Office of Binational Border Health, California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
  • Prisci Quijada Orozovich, M.P.H., Program Manager, California Office of Binational Border Health, CDPH
  • Anita Raj, Ph.D., M.S., Center Director, University of California, San Diego's (UCSD) Center on Gender Equity and Health and Professor of Global Public Health
  • Jay G. Silverman, Ph.D., Director of Research, Center on Gender Equity and Health, University of California San Diego
  • Connie Mitchell, M.D., M.P.H., Deputy Director, Center for Family Health, CDPH
  • Mary I. Campa, Ph.D., Research Scientist III, Epidemiology, Assessment and Program Development Branch Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Program, CDPH


  • Robert Guerrero, Chief, Office of Border Health, Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)
  • Mary Ellen Cunningham, Chief, Bureau of Women's and Children's Health, ADHS
  • Antoinette Means, Chief, Office of Women's Health, State Adolescent Health Coordinator, Bureau of Women's and Children's Health, ADHS 

New Mexico

  • Freida Adams, Director, Office of Border Health, Office of Health Equity, New Mexico Department of Health
  • Jill McDonald, Ph.D., Stan Fulton Endowed Chair in Health Disparities Research, Director of the Southwest Institute for Health Disparities Research and Professor of Public Health Sciences
  • Kathy Austin, Registered Nurse/Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Certified Nurse Practitioner, La Clínica de Familia, New Mexico


  • Ronald J. Dutton, Ph.D., Director, Office of Border Health, Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Ann Millard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Community Sciences
  • Rebecca Sorensen, Manager, Preventative Care Branch