We have done an honest work of bringing together both popular and intricate questions asked by My Canadian Pharmacy customers. Have we missed anything? Bummer! Reach out for our expert for an individual reply! We give consultations absolutely for free. To make your life easier, we gathered the answers to the most burning questions.

Q: Do I need a prescription for drugs? Are you allowed to give it?

A: The online sale of medicines is permitted in the United States. The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008 regulates the practice of online drug trading at the federal level.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a license for relevant activities. And, in addition to an online resource, is represented by local pharmacy institutions. Such online pharmacies, when accepting an order from customers, request a doctor’s prescription for medicines that are considered as controlled substances for RX sale only in the United States.

One of the advantages of selling drugs online is a lower price compared to products sold by local pharmacies. This is mainly due to the difference in the cost of medicines in the pharmaceutical markets of different countries, since many of Big Pharma players form their pricing policies taking into account per capita income. In addition, the lower cost of drugs distributed online is associated with a reduction in the share of overhead costs.

Another important advantage of online pharmacies is the ability to respect privacy or even anonymity. A buyer may feel more comfortable with the purchase of drugs or with advice via email, video calls or other services provided by online pharmacies.

In addition, the use of such services is very convenient for people with disabilities or living far from pharmacies, or having a busy work schedule. Many online pharmacies also offer their customers a warning about the need for regular use of the drug, which contributes to adherence to treatment.

In this case, the appointment of a doctor can be obtained during a personal or remote consultation. Not all online pharmacies in the United States provide a remote consultation service for a doctor and, accordingly, accept such prescriptions.

Most legal online pharmacies ask for the original doctor’s prescription received in person. Typically, the cost of drugs in such online pharmacies is lower compared to online pharmacies that provide online doctor consultation services.

Q: What’s the most optimal dosage for me?

A: In addition to the volume, when taking any drug you will encounter such a thing as a dose. Here you need to know two types: the maximum single dose – that is, the volume that you can drink at one time; maximum daily is the total amount of medication per day. In addition to these variations, they also distinguish the minimum, average, and maximum (highest) therapeutic doses.

In this case, we are talking about the strength of resulting effects. For example, the dose below the minimum will not provide a desired effect, and the dose taken above the maximum may harm the body, including toxic poisoning of tissues and organs. The dose of the drug necessary for the course of treatment (most often this is characteristic of antibiotics) is usually specified in an instruction. And the last thing — the doses indicated in instructions, and even more so in the recipes, should not be exceeded and not violated. The consequences of such independence can be, to put it mildly, unpleasant. Do not be lazy and do not forget to carefully read all instructions, even those medicines that can be bought without a prescription — you will find there a lot of useful information and do not make mistakes.

Q: How to deal with side effects?

A: There are no chemical drugs without any side effects. Drugs other than therapeutic action, as a rule, have side effects, the possibility of the manifestation of which warn the prescriber and a pharmacist at any pharmacy. Before using any drug, you must carefully study the instructions, which contain information about its side effects.

Their severity depends on the drug’s maximum daily and treatment dosage, on a method of administration, duration of treatment and severity of treated disorder. Children and elderly patients as well as patients with kidney or liver disorders should take every medication with increased caution, since their side effects can be especially severe for these risk categories.

The manifestations of side effects are often not sufficiently pronounced. Therefore, in all cases when you suspect that a particular ailment may be associated with medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Most side effects can occur even with a single dose of the drug (especially if the dose is exceeded). However, the likelihood of their manifestation and severity largely depend on the duration of treatment. The severity of some side effects may increase or decrease during treatment. And such side effects as drug addiction and withdrawal effects can appear only after a long systematic intake of pills. That’s why before starting a long course of treatment with any drug, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Q: How to make my drug more efficient?

A: To make a drug more efficient you need to apply a drug like the manufacturers recommend in leaflets with instructions. These instructions contain all necessary information about dosage, side effects and interactions with other drugs. It’s better to follow these instructions strictly unless you won’t a medicine to be ineffective or harmful to your health.

Q: Can you suggest the treatment plan for me?

A: The sale of medicines via Internet resources is legal in all states of USA, as well as recommendations and free consultation. However, we always recommend our clients to consult a local doctor to confirm diagnosis. In most states, it is not forbidden to use online free consultations as a basis for making appointments with a doctor in a medical facility. Moreover, in two states there are laws that support this type of provision of medical services. For example, in 2009, Hawaii citizens was allowed to prescribe drugs that do not contain controlled substances, based on the results of a remote medical consultation that was conducted in real time, for example, via telephone or video conference. So, yes. My Canadian Pharmacy can suggest a treatment plan for you but it’s better to confirm it with your regular therapist.