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My Canadian Pharmacy built a reputation among our customers as a trustworthy and flexible partner. We are prides itself in being a reliable supplier for the customers who are in need of effective medications to treat a vast variety of disorders. We provide the patients with the widest range of available generic pills. We are a reputable online pharmacy that sells drugs at wholesale, which means you don’t have to pay retail drug prices you usually pay when you shop in real life.

About My Canadian Pharmacy

Every day thousands of people need to support their health and beauty. Their well-being depends on it. All in all, My Canadian Pharmacy is an online drug store in Canada providing its customers with certified medicines, wholesale and retail, as well as other medicinal products – cosmetics, medical products, biologically active additives (dietary supplements). This means that we provide necessary support every day. My Canadian Pharmacy employs a team of professionals, treats each employee as a family member and organizes monthly trainings to achieve maximally effective service. We care about people’s health. We care about the quality of the products delivered, it is important that customers can purchase the right product at a low price in any convenient place. The same goes for wholesale buyers – we deliver products to any place with minimal costs. If you are looking for a reliable company that deals with wholesale and retail trade in pharmaceutical medicines and ED pills, you have visited the right place.

The policy of supplies of medical products by My Canadian Pharmacy is very strict. What does this mean?

  • We try to build such an interaction with customers and partners, so that it becomes mutually beneficial and comfortable for them. Our team of professionals will make every effort to ensure that your orders are executed quickly and efficiently, while the process of communication with the staff is the most enjoyable.
  • It is important for us to justify the trust of those to whom we supply medical products. We carefully monitor each stage of production. When buying, we check medicines, carefully observe storage conditions of each drug and monitor state of the goods during transportation.
  • We conduct seasonal statistical research of supply and demand, follow the novelties of medicinal products, and update the partner base of producers. The widest assortment of drugs stored at our own warehouse can be bought directly. We constantly replenish it by signing contracts with new manufacturers’ factories, as well as relying on the relevance of new pharmaceutical products.
  • Anyone can get the desired products at a low price. Thanks to My Canadian Pharmacy’s own logistic service, we provide around-the-clock delivery of drugs throughout the country, regardless of the region where the customer is located. Especially advantageous conditions are created for our regular customers.

Can this be called our mission? Indeed. The firm foundation of the work of our wholesale and retail company is reliability, quality, timeliness and professionalism.

Drugs and Additives in Abundance

My Canadian Pharmacy carries out activity in the field of wholesale deliveries of medicines and to commercial companies, medical institutions and other categories of clients. We can order:

  • goods for medical use,
  • biologically active substances,
  • cosmetic products.

The company’s activities are carried out in accordance with the licenses issued by the supervisory authorities. The policy of My Canadian Pharmacy is timely delivery of medicines in accordance to the concluded contracts, low prices and continuous quality control of the sold product.

Advantages of Cooperation with Us

Cooperation with My Canadian Pharmacy is beneficial for each partner:

  • we have a good warehouse which has all necessary assortment and observes requirements in products’ storage;
  • we are focused on mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • in our team, professionals do their work of love and do it skillfully;
  • we carry out delivery anywhere in the world;
  • we offer to buy medicines and order certified ED pills;
  • we regularly update the list of goods;
  • we have profitable wholesale prices for medicines and our own logistics service.

Clients of My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy cooperates with pharmaceutical companies, public and private medical institutions, pharmacy chains, beauty salons, dental clinics and other categories of clients. A flexible policy in the field of pricing allows us to provide customers with the most favorable prices and a wide range of products sold eliminates our partners from tedious search for suppliers.

Is it necessary to order the delivery of certified medicines in bulk? Does your organization need medical supplies at a low cost? Do you want to buy cosmetics for a SPA center or beauty salon? My Canadian Pharmacy is ready to offer about 12000 items of products. We are responsible for the quality of medicines, keeping them in proper conditions, and the high capacity of our own storage facilities allows us to count on the prompt delivery of orders.

My Canadian Pharmacy has been working in Canadian and global market for many years. The invaluable experience in the field of wholesale sales of drugs and logistics allowed us to increase the base of our partners and ensure cooperation with leading manufacturers. We choose large pharmacy chains, medical clinics and government offices in Canada and other countries counting on high quality products and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Head of My Canadian Pharmacy Marketing: “This Pharmacy Is Your Best Choice”

The owner and founder of My Canadian Pharmacy chain, as well as the head of the pharmaceutical marketing group Jeffrey Berg shared his ideas about the pace of development of My Canadian Pharmacy and plans to enlarge its products range and improve service level.

Hi Jeffrey, why did you decide to develop a pharmacy network at a time when the majority of the pharmacy market players either leave it or become victims of acquisitions?

Pharmacy retail has always aroused interest in me, first of all, of course, due to its stability and balance. When launching the project to open online pharmacies, our team of analysts and strategic development department clearly understood which segment we should enter, with whom we will have to compete and what risks we can expect. Undoubtedly, the preparatory work was long and thorough. We have studied all pharmacy chains that have ever tried to launch projects for opening pharmacies online. In our work, we pay great attention to honesty and openness in relations with customers and partners. Willingness to share our professional knowledge in the pharmacy business with all, presence of practical experience of running a pharmaceutical business in Canada that brings benefits to our clients is our main task. Unlike other players in online pharmacy retail market, My Canadian Pharmacy do not impose their suppliers or do not force to buy goods under our own brands. We conduct a detailed analysis of all risks, give recommendations and find a solution that will be suitable for our pharmacy. The statistics speaks for itself: for a year and a half we have sold a great share of our product lines and the amount is increasing. Since the format of My Canadian Pharmacy is a format “buy-at-home”, this business is successfully developing both in large and small towns. The mistake of the previous networks was the naivety that, after the discovery of a hundredth or a thousand pharmacy, their brand will do everything and pull out the newly opening pharmacy. However, in practice this did not work. That time has already passed, and now a completely different approach for potential investors who want to open pharmacies on franchising. The mission of My Canadian Pharmacy is to provide profitable conditions for customers to satisfy their needs. Therefore, we determined in advance for ourselves the format of promotions and discounts.

What results did My Canadian Pharmacy achieve in 2017?

According to statistics, My Canadian Pharmacy ranked first in the list of online pharmacy chains in Canada in the third quarter of 2017. At present, our network supplies more than 120 countries. My Canadian Pharmacy is actively developing throughout the globe. Our customers trust us, and this is an important and significant indicator. This means that we are doing everything right. With regard to operating activities, on the basis of one of the specialized suppliers of pharmacy software, our developers have created a unique software that allows us to manage most of the costs and optimize them while doing business in pharmacy with such a wide geography. The department of analytics and control of pricing is following not only the correct formation of the price policy in My Canadian Pharmacy, but is also constantly analyzing the competitive environment. A clear and well-established system of all business processes within My Canadian Pharmacy allows us to be present in the pharmacy market unerringly in virtually every region of Canada and take its place in it.

What are plans for the network My Canadian Pharmacy for the next year?

I’m not inclined to advertise and announce plans of our company. We try our best to work with each customer in any region, paying attention, first of all, to the quality of the service of the final buyer. Undoubtedly, we will actively continue the development and presentation of our brand My Canadian Pharmacy in the regions where we are present. Entrance to new countries is also interesting for us, but it will be more organic because of the growing popularity of our pharmacies in the discounter niche. I consider one of the most important tasks to strengthen business relations with our suppliers and producers. Now we have a three leading suppliers. Moreover, we are probably one of the few pharmacy chains that have virtually no accounts payable to suppliers. All of our pharmacies work on prepayment, so we have the best input prices from suppliers in comparison with other online pharmacies in Canada. Unfortunately, in 2018, there may be adjustments in the representation of assortment of certain producers who did not fulfill their obligations to our network. As a rule, we deduce their assortment from the turnover in our pharmacies at once throughout the country by rotating on available analogues in the lower price segment.

What is your assessment of the prospects for retail pharmacy market development? 

The pharmacy market in Canada is one of the three largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. Until recently, the feature of Canadian pharmaceutical market was its dependence on imports, more than 70% of pharmaceuticals accounted for by foreign manufacturers. However, in connection with the policy of Canadian authorities in the sphere of drug turnover within the framework of import substitution, significant changes are expected. Whether they will benefit the final buyer is a controversial issue. Canadian pharmacy retail also expects a number of changes, in my opinion, related not only to the processes of consolidation or takeovers, but also to questions of taxation forms and regulation of control over pricing by the state. There are also negative factors, which affect the development of the pharmacy market in Canada. The most significant are imperfection of legislation in the field of quality control of medicines and high barriers to entry into this industry which reduces the level of competition and strengthens the monopoly of a number of participants in the retail pharma market. There is also a shortage of qualified personnel and a high proportion of counterfeit products. We do our best to be as transparent as possible in this regard.

Founders of My Canadian Pharmacy Shared Their Success

The main goal of the online project, My Canadian Pharmacy, is to launch an online sales channel of all popular and rare medicinal products. The pharmacy network expects that this site will help to increase the share of Internet sales in the total revenue structure. We talked with the project manager of e-commerce agency of My Canadian Pharmacy, Frank Higgins and head of Internet marketing and analytics of project, Leonard Daniels.

What are the main features of My Canadian Pharmacy? What is the difference from offline drug stores?

Leonard: Online buyers have the opportunity to quickly compare offers from sellers and choose the best price. Many also fear fakes in case of ordering from unknown sellers on the network. That is why we immediately set ourselves the task of providing users with attractive prices at My Canadian Pharmacy online. At the same time, being the leader of domestic pharma retail, we guarantee our customers a high-quality certified product and convenient service.

What is the peculiarity of My Canadian Pharmacy catalogue?

Frank: First, medicines are a specific product that is often prescribed by a doctor, and is not the object of choice of the buyer based on his or her preferences and the study of the characteristics of the product. Second, the categorization of medicines in the professional environment of pharmacists is very different from how ordinary consumers determine the types of drugs. Buyers tend to operate with symptoms, so alternative navigation options, such as searching for symptoms and diseases, should complement the main catalogue. Search comes on the first place in the navigation of the online pharmacy. From the very beginning of work on website design, we paid a lot of attention to it, and now, having achieved good results, we can confirm that optimizing of search engine was a success.

Leonard: We did a lot of research to understand the expediency of creation of a good catalogue and user-friendly menu for My Canadian Pharmacy. Almost immediately it became clear that the menu on the drugstore website is a minor element of navigation. There are a lot of medicines with specific names, and as a rule, buyers are looking for something specific. The search is important, since it is a key element of navigation: people visit the website and enter the name of the medicine that was heard in advertising or which the doctor prescribed. Therefore, we made the search big and noticeable. The catalogue is grouped according to the types of drugs: “medicines”, “dietary supplements”, “ED drugs” “for children and mothers”, etc., further drugs are built according to the types of diseases. The list and more precise structure provided to us by pharmacists. For each product, there is a preview of the card, to which the key data is provided, which, first, help to accurately identify the drug, and second, compare it with others. For example, people can see in the catalogue that the active substance is one and the same, and countries of origin are different.

What are the features of the product card on My Canadian Pharmacy website?

Frank: A product card is the most complex interface in the entire purchase chain. First, the logic of using photographs is specific. A picture plays an important role in the catalogue. There are medications with similar package that are an important element, for example, a pill for sore throat with anesthetic agent and without pain medication. It is convenient for the buyer to see this information right in the catalogue. But unlike most categories in Internet trading where conversion is highly dependent on the quality of a photo, this rule does not work for product cards of medicines, since photographs of the blister or phial are not of top priority. The properties and characteristics of the goods in the pharmacy are important most of all. Sometimes, the instruction takes a couple of sheets of text. As a result, the layout of the product card is not quite standard: the main blocks are a small photograph, price, information about the manufacturer, the form of release and the quantity of the goods in the package.

Leonard: On the first stage, online search is implemented in a standard way: by names of medicines, brands, sections, but it is planned to expand the functionality and make it possible to search for diseases and for the main queries, such as headache or medications for cold.

What about the unusual decisions?

Leonard: Slider can be used to insert seasonal drug collections. For example, when flu epidemic begins, you can put a selection of drugs for influenza, and in summer, you can make a range of sun protection creams.

Will there be any changes in functioning of My Canadian Pharmacy?

Leonard: We do not plan any special changes with this online drug store, it functions well for the time being. Each of the brands will work with their audience.

How are orders processed now considering legal restrictions? And what will change once these restrictions are lifted?

Frank: We strictly abide by the existing restrictions. You can pick up the order made on the website only in our warehouse, where the storage is made in compliance with all the rules and requirements of the FDA. The order itself is completed in the warehouse, where we have the opportunity to store a huge amount of SKU that are not present in many pharmacies. We do not expect the explosive growth of the market after the release of the law. Most likely the rules of the game will change gradually, and the first version of the law will impose a number of restrictions. For example, delivery of drugs is likely to be handled only by couriers with pharmaceutical education, subject to the conditions of transportation and storage of medicines. The cost of such a service will be high, and it will be in demand only by narrow segments of customers.