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One, Two, Three, Out!

Coverage to Care (C2C) Resources Page


—Coverage to Care –


 Audio and video resources in English and Spanish



Binational Documents


—Signed Letter of Intent between the United States and México
    English    Español


Health Care and Reform


The Essentials


—If you are a consumer and want more information on how to apply for coverage, compare plans, and enroll, click on HealthCare.gov or CuidadoDeSalud.gov to enroll.
—If you are a professional learning about the Marketplace and helping people apply, click on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Health Insurance Marketplace.
—If you would like to find out more on the latest news and reports, click on Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Reform or Kaiser Health News.


State/City Enrollment Websites
—To find out what help is available in your area, visit localhelp.healthcare.gov.


Signing Up Outside the Normal Open Enrollment Period


Fact Sheets


Analysis Following the First Open Enrollment Period


Interactive Tools
—Kaiser Health Foundation Subsidy Calculator




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Featured News and Reports


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Health Councils


Binational/Community Health Councils (COBINAS)




—Ventanillas Report: Information, Counseling, and Referrals to Health Services in the United States for Mexicans and their Families de Salud
    English    Español
—Comic book: Mary & the Junk Food Eaters
    English    Español
—Fotonovela: No More Excuses
    English    Español
—Fotonovela:I Wish I Had Known
    English    Español


Other Resources

United States—Federal Departments, Agencies, and Programs


Other Organizations


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