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My Canadian Pharmacy – How We Help You Reach Your Health Goals

At My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP), an internationally recognized online drugstore, you can get the medicines and health care products from the best world-known manufacturers. This is the most laid-back and yet economical way to fill your prescription in Canada or the US, on the go or from your home, with an easy access to carefully selected discount deals, and an instant assistance at your fingertips. We offer a vast selection of original and generic drugs that are available for sale with a fast delivery.

We are so popular thanks to our certified products, guarantee the anonymity of your order, as well as a fast delivery. In our catalog, you can find a great variety of products for you and your family. You can find products for men and women, meds for chronic diseases, mental disorders, antiviral medications, and drugs for various conditions and rare illnesses. Whether you’re looking for an original drug or need a cheaper, generic version of a certain medicine, at MCP, you can find both.

We do our best to make every customer satisfied with the purchase. This is why we offer around the clock customer care service, which allows you to get help with any query. If you have a question about your order, a product, or need a recommendation, our certified pharmacists are happy to assist you. We provide anonymous consultations via our online chats. We are ready to discuss the most delicate problems.

Canadian Pharmacy Upgrade: The Future Of Digital Healthcare

We’re proud to be one of the biggest drug stores, having both online and physical presence. We’re constantly improving our product selection and services, while increasing our online user base, making it advantageous for everyone.

One of the most significant steps was synchronizing physical stores with eCommerce.

What Makes Our Brand Unique?

The Internet is full of online drug stores that offer almost the same health care products and services. So, sometimes it can be challenging to choose the best option. Below, you can find the key advantages of our international Canada pharmacy, which make millions of people around the world choose us as their medicines supplier:

Our mission of growth and improvement

The years of work on Canadian and global markets helped My Canadian Pharmacy to gain a flawless reputation. We work with customers from Canada, the USA, and many other countries all around the world.  On our platform, you can find a wide selection of top-quality medicines and health products at the lowest prices online.

Below, you can find the list of products we can offer you today:

Monthly refill service is another option we offer to our customers:

Buying drugs in our online pharmacy, you can save time and economize a bit. We strive to expand our client base both in Canada and worldwide. This is why we offer only the best quality products and provide exclusive services, such as free recommendations from certified and experienced pharmacists via online chat, 24/7.

Exclusive Offers and Features

Reasons for choosing us as your online drug supplier


For many reasons, people worldwide choose us as their medicine and health care products’ supplier. First of all, we started as a physical pharmacy more than 30 years ago, and soon after that, we’ve become one of the leading drug stores online. Today, our client base includes more than 120,000 customers from different countries. We constantly work on becoming even more accessible and useful for you with the only purpose in mind – to make you stay healthy and enjoy every day of your life.

Different people all around the world continue buying health products with us because of the following reasons:

Steady customers can participate in the unique loyalty program. We strive to make every client 100% happy with his purchase, pay maximum attention to the products and services quality, and provide the most affordable prices online.

Impressive Catalog of Medicines

My Canadian Pharmacy is where you can find a high number of medicines and healthcare products offered by only trustworthy manufacturers and reliable companies. We are always happy to provide you with the brand and generic drugs at the best prices.

We always provide top-quality service.

In our impressive catalog of medicines, you can find a wide selection of safe and effective products especially developed for men and women’s health. Of course, we provide the best prices. Besides that, you can also add some pills samples to your order. You’ll be able to improve your sexual life and make it much more pleasurable than ever.

In case you can’t find a specific drug or healthcare product on our website, do not hesitate to submit your query online or call us directly. We’ll do our best to provide you with the required item shortly or offer an analog that will work for you.

Here are the key benefits you get when you order medicines with us:

To stay always updated on the current promotions, we strongly recommend you to install our free, user-friendly mobile app.  If you like, you can also subscribe to email notifications.

Prescription drugs in original and generic forms at My Canadian Pharmacy

Prescription medications

In our online drug store, you can order high-quality brand and generic drugs from well-known manufacturers. Many customers, who are unfamiliar with generic medicines, avoid buying them because of certain stereotypes. However, the myths around the generics have nothing common with reality. Reliable manufacturers produce most generics. They make sure that the medications are compliant with safety and quality standards.

What is generic?

Generic medicine has the same main ingredient as its original analog has. The only difference between brand and generic is colorant or flavoring used. Sometimes the shape and color of the pill can differ, as well.

Why do generics cost less than brand medicines? The first reason behind it is that the manufacturers of generics save on various expenditures, such as creating a new chemical formula, testing the medication, getting approval from the FDA and other organizations, advertising, and so on. Besides that, the price of generic is usually lower, because these are manufactured in countries where the workers’ labor is paid less.

Before starting to produce generics, the manufacturer has to wait until the patent for original medicine expires. Otherwise, the production of generics is considered illegal. When you buy generic pills, you don’t need to pay for the brand name. Generics are a perfect solution for people who can’t afford brand medicines and still want to get the same quality and effect of the pills. Using certified generics, you don’t risk your health. We’ve been working with reliable manufacturers only.

Breaking down the low price formation

When people come to buy healthcare products in our pharmacy, they are usually surprised by the low prices we offer. Let us tell you what allows us to provide affordable products to every client. With almost 30 years on the market, we’ve managed to establish powerful collaboration with the drug manufacturers. They provide us with discounted prices and perfect deals we can later offer to you, our clients. Besides that, we never work with any intermediaries. We have also agreed on fast and affordable shipping options with our couriers.

Of course, there are websites where you can find cheaper medicines. Some online pharmacies promise greater ‘discounts’. However, more than often, you risk placing an order there without receiving anything delivered after all.

We know about the issues, which can be caused by unreliable manufacturers. This is why we always verify all the items we sell, making sure these provide the effects on the human body that they should provide, that they are not expired, etc. Admittedly, it requires additional spends. However, we believe that our customer’s health and our reputation are the key priorities.

Regardless of what medicine we talk about, it doesn’t have to be too cheap. Yes, we do offer the most affordable prices online. However, we understand that these can’t be even lower without compromising the drug quality. We suggest you think twice before deciding to buy medicines, the price of which is utterly attractive.

E-drugstore in our own mobile app: smarter shopping


My Canadian Pharmacy has developed a unique mobile app that allows you to place orders directly from your smartphone. We’ve made the app compatible with both iOS and Android systems. You can download it for free.  After installing the app, you get access to our e-drugstore at any time of the day or night, subscribe to email notifications, as well as get timely informed about the latest updates, including discounts, promotions, etc.

Bottom line, whether you search for the best place to buy cheap and high-quality healthcare products, MCP is the right place. Join MCP and get access to the best deals, daily discounts, and professional customer care service we offer.

The names of entities, brands, and trademarks mentioned on this website, including US Mexico Border Health Commission, US Department of Health and Human Services, are there with the purpose of referense. If your errand concerns the work of either of these organizations, we encourage you to refer to Although our team makes a reasonable effort to provide scientifically accurate materials with verivified facts, eventual flaws in the content may be encountered. Our website is not responsible for any misunderstandings that can arouse from using the information we share or any damages caused by misuse of our content.

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